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Our Professional Services

At Matthews Financial Services, we address the important planning areas professionals should implement for success. Through our consultative wealth management approach, our aim is to help you achieve your goals and simplify your life. By serving as your wealth manager, we will help coordinate all areas of your financial life. It is our focus on the professional market that separates us from other firms.

Retirement Planning

Whether you are a part of a large group or wish to establish a personal plan, we can help. As a professional, your time frame to achieve financial independence may be shorter than the average worker. We will help you to evaluate what plan type may be best for your situation and provide additional solutions to help you reach financial independence.

Investment Management

We provide a diversification of strategies and techniques geared to your goals, time frame, and risk tolerance. Through our consultative approach, we will formulate strategies that our institutional money managers will implement using their expertise. We will continue to monitor and adjust the techniques and strategies as your needs evolve.

Tax Planning

For high wage earning professionals, taxes are always a key consideration in decision making. We can provide you a referral to a CPA or collaborate with your personal accountant to implement and coordinate legitimate tax-reduction strategies into your overall plan.

Debt Management

Sound financial planning often begins with debt reduction. We can help you to identify your debt, create a budget, and implement solutions to eliminate your debt while still working toward achieving your goals.

Asset Protection

You have worked hard to build what you have and have earned the right to protect yourself and your family. The time for implementing asset protection strategies is when no problem currently exists. As a successful professional, you are more likely to be a target of frivolous lawsuits. We will coordinate the overall plan with your current attorney or we can introduce you to attorneys who specialize in asset protection for professionals.

Estate Planning

Be prepared for the unexpected. Establishing a proper estate plan will help to put you and loved ones at ease. We can provide you referrals to several Estate planning attorneys in the Dallas area. However, preparation is only the first part. We will assist you in implementing the plan and coordinating the Estate plan into your overall wealth management.

Risk Management

Whether it is providing for your family in the event of an untimely death or protecting your cash flow in case of disability, we can help. We are not held captive to any particular carrier nor do we sell any proprietary products. We will search for the best product to fit your needs.